Pharma Industry Finland PIF: Finland is a good location for the European Medicines Agency EMA

The organisation speaking for the Finnish research-based pharmaceutical industry, Pharma Industry Finland PIF is delighted with the Government decision to start the process of proposing Finland as the location for the European Medicines Agency, EMA.

In its meeting on Friday 17 March, the cabinet committee on EU affairs decided that Finland will seek to have EMA in Finland. EMA is responsible for the scientific evaluation of the European marketing authorisation applications related to medicinal products. As a result of the Brexit process, the agency will leave its current offices in London. Several EU countries have expressed their interest in becoming the new location of the agency.

“We welcome the Finnish decision to enter in the competition for EMA's new location. Finland has solid pharmaceutical branch competence, especially as concerns the future pharmaceutical core areas, such as the development of individual pharmacotherapies. Moreover, the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea is an authority highly recognised throughout Europe, with an important role in the EMA operations”, General Manager Jussi Merikallio of Pharma Industry Finland PIF comments on the Government decision. 

By seeking to become the location for EMA, Finland highlights the country’s pharmaceutical branch expertise. This visibility promotes the willingness of international pharmaceutical companies to invest in Finnish research and innovation. The participation in the pursuit for the agency will therefore also promote the implementation of the growth strategy for health sector research and innovation.

The transfer of the EU’s third largest agency to Finland would also be extremely significant from the health sector research and domestic business point of view. EMA employs several hundreds of highly educated experts and maintains a sizeable network of experts. If the agency were to relocate in Finland, the number of meetings held in Finland would grow and would create new jobs not only in the pharmaceutical branch but also in the Finnish airline and other transportation services as well as the hotel and restaurant sector.

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Jussi Merikallio
General Manager
Pharma Industry Finland PIF
Tel: +358 50 667 48

20. Mar 2017