2nd Nordic conference on Real World Data, Collaboration between Pharma industry and Academia, September 26-27, 2017, Helsinki

Leonardo da Vinci auditorium, Itämerenkatu 11-13, Helsinki

The aim of the conference is to show the possibilities existing in the Nordic countries and across the Nordic Region. The main focus of this conference is on RWE and Biobanks. The aim is also to boost collaboration between pharma and academia and between the Nordic countries. 

The conference is funded by Nordic Trail Alliance NTA. It is a 3-year project funded by the Nordic Ministers and NordForsk. The conference is free of charge. If you however, cancel your participation later than 19.9.2017 or do not show up, a registration fee of 200 € / day for the conference will be charged and if you do not cancel the dinner, a 50 € fee will be charged.

The conference will be arranged as a one and a half day conference starting with light lunch on 26.9. Day 1 resents the RWE from different stakeholder’s aspects. The Networking Reception is at Helsinki City Hall. Day 2 will be a full day conference with focus on Biobanks/RWD, Data Protection Aspects and a lot of interesting examples from all Nordic countries.

There will also be some Break out session focusing on HOW, with a purely case based focus, instead of purely results focused. These sessions will represent hands-on topics chosen by the for Companies and Academic groups as part of the Exhibition and will focus on the various process routes to achieving high impact RWE research such as finding right data and teams, linkages and ethics, challenges and opportunities etc.

We offer organizations an exhibition package for 800 €. All stands come equipped with a power socket, a bar table and a place for company's own roll up. The fee also includes a possibility for the organizations to organize break out session on day 2 for 20 persons, max 1 hour. If you are interested in exhibition contact Mia Bengtström, mia.bengtstrom@pif.fi, +358 40 544 5858.

The conference program is still under construction. The hands on Break out sessions has only been launched so there will be more coming up.

Confirmed presentations:

Epidemiology in the era of digital data: a view from the pharmaceutical industry
Andrew Roddam, VP & Head Real World Evidence and Epidemiology, GSK

Nordic Collaborating in (quality) registers - Findings from the study.
Kristina Lidén Mascher, Strategist- Industry & International collaborations, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions

Finnish MS-registry facilitating clinical decision making.
Markku Aittokallio, StellarQ and Merja Soilu Hänninen, Turku University Hospital

A PPP-program on the lung cancer registry.
Hege Edvardsen, Medical Manager BioT and Real World Evidence, AbbVie AS

Possibilities in analytic medicine.
Ine Skottheim Rusten, Senior adviser, NoMA

Janssen and the role of public-private partnerships and Evidence Generation
Christina Donatti, IMI Lead, Real World Evidence, Janssen 

GDPR and its implications for research, presenters will be announced in August.

Adapting a Real World Data & Analytics Centers of Excellence to Meet Growing Needs Across the Enterprise
Margaret McDonald, Senior Director, Real World Data and Analytics, Patient & Health Impact Pfizer (Our keynote speaker from last year)

Activities in the Nordic countries to facilitate the use of real world data and increase the investments into the Nordic region. Presentations from each Nordic country

Health analytics platform – Better opportunities for secondary use of health data
Bent Are Melsom, Project Manager at The Norwegian Directorate of eHealth


Norwegian biobanks for Research and Innovation – status and future perspectives
Christian Jonasson, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of Public Health and Nursing, Norway

Health data for research and HTA purposes
A PPP-program on the lung cancer registry
Hege Edvardsen, Medical Manager BioT and Real World Evidence, AbbVie AS

Possibilities in analytic medicine
Ine Skottheim Rusten, Senior adviser, NoMA

Janssen and the role of public-private partnerships and Evidence Generation
Christina Donatti, IMI Lead, Real World Evidence, Janssen

Real-world data in biobank research - from discovery to feasibility studies Lila Kallio, Director, Auria BioBank



Break out session are max. 50 min including discussions and available for 20 - 70 persons.

Tick the box in the conference registration form if you are interested in these sessions and we will forward you information as soon as we get more information about these workshops.

Examples of Break out session, more to come during August:

MedEngine Oy and Turku Clinical Research Centre (TurkuCRC):
Building RWD-projects in practice

•                          How to design an RWD study in real-life?

•                          Sources of RWD in Finland

•                          TurkuCRC as a source of RWD:

o   Infrastructure and data content

o   Possibilities for research

o   How to use the data in practice

•                          RWD as a strategic asset for pharmaceutical industry

DLI MI invites participants to a workshop about gaining access, scoping studies, developing applications, and delivering insights for Market Access proposes within a Nordic outlook.
In specific, workshop participants will learn more about the practical, analytical as well as the strategical challenges related to Real World Studies in a Nordic setting.
To focus the workshop, cases from Denmark and the newly established Medicinråd in Denmark (the counsel that approves use of hospital medicines and develops national guidelines) will be used to give the participants a real understanding of the possibilities, challenges, and strategic benefits related to Real World Studies.

ESiOR Oy with data from multiple stakeholders:
Paid and unpaid work lost due to illness has considerable impact for the individual, employer and society: Innovative use of registry, survey and other real-world data to assess illness-related productivity losses in Finland.
Session will include:

  • Examples of perspectives to assess productivity losses
  • Known and tacit drivers of productivity losses
  • How to define, measure, analyze and visualize productivity losses comprehensively?
  • Innovative data sources and cases including multiple stakeholders from Finland
  • Potential impact of different value drivers to the real-world value of health innovations.

Medaffcon Oy: Towards outcome-based risk sharing agreements in hospital and outpatient settings - how to utilize RWD?

Outcome-based risk sharing agreements and programs are emerging in health care. These new types of approaches facilitate development of health care in sustainable way and benefit the whole society including healthcare operators and patients.

  • Current situation and future possibilities
  • Utilizing RWD in practice
  • Case examples

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