3rd Nordic conference on Real World Data, Collaboration between Pharma industry and Academia, November 28-29 2018, Helsinki

Welcome to the 3rd Nordic conference on Real World Data, Collaboration between Pharma industry and Academia, November 28-29 2018, Helsinki. 

Venue: Ilmarinen/Team Finland House, Porkkalankatu 1, Helsinki

The aim of the conference is to show the possibilities existing in the Nordic countries and across the Nordic Region. The main focus of this conference is on RWE and Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) Better Data for Better Outcomes (BD4BO) etc. The aim is also to boost collaboration between pharma and academia and between the Nordic countries.  

The conference is funded by Nordic Trail Alliance NTA and NordForsk and is therefore free of charge. If you however, cancel your participation later than 19.11.2018 or do not show up, a registration fee of 200 € / day for the conference will be charged and if you do not cancel the dinner or bus transfer, a 50 € fee will be charged. 


In order to get a balance between countries and stakeholders you will receive a confirmation message approximately within a week.




We are looking for companies interested in having a Stand at the conference and promoting their know-how. Some of these companies will also present in Break-out session. The prize for a Stand is 950 € and it will be used to cover for Airport buses, coffee and lunch. These companies will be listed as Sponsors of the Break-out session(s). For more information, please contact Mia Bengtström, mia.bengtstrom@pif.fi


Conference Program (draft)

Wednesday 28.11.2018

9:15-10:45 REGISTRATION to the Break-In session

9:50-11:20 BREAK-IN SESSION (draft agenda)
Chair: Juha Laine, 
Senior Health Economics Manager, Pfizer Oy

                     9:50-10:20 Precision Economics, Not Just Genetics – The Impact of Real-World User Behaviour and Treatment Adherence Patterns on Health and Economic Outcomes. Janne Martikainen, Professor, University of Eastern Finland

                     10:20-10:50 Turning Hospital Biobank Data into Real-World Evidence using Artificial Intelligence Tools. Samu Kurki, PhD, Senior Data Scientist, Auria Biobank


                     10:50-11:20 PICOSTEPS, Digitalization and Real-World Modelling: Communicating Complex Cases to the Decision Makers. Erkki Soini, CEO, ESiOR Oy


Lunch at your own expense


12:00 Welcome and practicalities. Mia Bengtström, Pharma Industry Finland / Nordic Trial Alliance

Chair: Arto Vuori, Development Manager, National Institute for Health and Welfare

12:15 Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) boosting innovation and collaboration for 10 years - how PPP can support RWE infrastructure and use. Magda Chlebus, Executive Director, Efpia

12:35 Pharma and Evidence Generation – What is the Future? Christin Prutz, Director of Health Economics and Market Access, Janssen     

13:05 - 14.45 Session: RWE strategies and development in the Nordic region.               

13:05     Denmark: Will big data and machine learning be part of authorities’ evaluation of medicines? Nikolai Brun, the Danish Medicines Agency and elected chair of the joint HMA/EMA Task Force on Big Data

13.30     Finland: The secondary use of health data legislation and the National Health Data HUB. Liisa-Marja Voipio-Pulkki, Director General, CMO, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

13:55     Norway: TBC

14:15     Sweden: The Swedish Life Science strategy – Health Data. Anders Blanck, Director General, The Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry

14:40 Coffee/Refreshments

Choose between Breakout session 1 or 2:
Chair: Amy Levál, Head of RWE and Epidemiology, Janssen Nordic

Breakout session 1: RWE Activities in the Nordic Region or Break-out Session (see below)

15:10 NordForsk Research Infrastructure for Nordic Health Data. Magnus Eriksson, Business & Information Architect - Register Based Research, Swedish Research Council

15:35  FINOSE - Nordic collaboration in Health Technology Assessment. Vesa Kiviniemi, Head of Assessment, Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea

16:00 The Future of PROMs: the promise of PROMIS. John Chaplin, Associate Professor, University of Gothenburg

16:25  From registers to personal data. Jaana Sinipuro, Project Director, Sitra

16:45  The future of health data in Denmark for Real World Studies. Jan Poulsen, Head of the Department for Data Deliverance & Research Services, Danish Health Data Authority

17:15 TBC

17:45 Closing remarks.  Mia Bengtström, Pharma Industry Finland

17:50 End of the first day -> Metro to the City Hall

18:30 Reception at Old City Hall of Helsinki

Breakout session 2
Chair: TBC

15:10 Finnish hospital biobanks and industrial RWE-studies- opportunities today and tomorrow. Mariann Lassenius, RWE manager and Iiro Toppila, Biostatistician Medaffcon Oy

15:40  How disease specific registers can help healthcare to collect RWD data in real time? Petteri Viljanen, CEO, BCB Medical

16:10 The rise of data science in healthcare and commercial pharma. Data scientist Lars Lynne Hansen, DLI MI & Chief Researcher Arun Micheelsen, DLI MI

16:45 Enriched RWE-study in the Nordics - a case study. Susanne Kihlblom, Head of Technical Network Team Nordics, IQVIA

17:15 Introduction to the Finnish Cost of Cancer Study - Combining Patient and Healthcare System Perspectives. Marcin Balcerzak, Research Team Lead, Farenta Oy

17:45 End of the first day -> Metro to the City Hall

18:30 Reception at Old City Hall of Helsinki


Thursday 29.11.2018

08:30 - 09:00 REGISTRATION

9:00 Overview of the IMI Big Data for Better Outcomes (BD4BO) Programme

Presentation introduces objectives and themes of the BD4BO overall; as well as the BD4BO disease specific programs and the European Health Data Network (EHDN).

The Innovative Medicines Initiative’s (IMI) Big Data for Better Outcomes Programme’s (BD4BO) overall objective is to improve health outcomes and healthcare systems in Europe by maximising the potential of Big Data, and to promote innovative methods for harmonising, accessing, and analysing data. The BD4BO programme comprises several disease-specific projects focusing on Alzheimer’s disease, hematologic malignancies, cardiovascular diseases, and prostate cancer, with potential others at a later date. Furthermore, the programme will provide a structure for empowering patients as data owners and partners in research.

Presentations 20-30 min

11:00- 11:30 Coffee/Refreshments

11.30-12.30 Acceptability of RWE in health care decision making

A panel discussion with all/various stakeholders (TBC)

12:30-13:30 Lunch

Choose between Breakout session 1 or 2:

Break-out session 1: 13:30-14:30

IMI 10 years: How to involve Academic groups, SMEs etc from the Nordic Region in IMI Calls, Consortia etc. Chair: Sampo Sammalisto, Business Finland

Speakers TBC

Break-out session 2: 13:30-14:30
Chair: Petri Lehto, Director, Policy and Communication, MSD Finland Oy

Public-Private Partnership in RWD research: University Hospital perspective.  Anne Pitkäranta, Research Director, Helsinki University Hospital

Managing real-world data in GDPR era. Sirpa Soini,  National Institute for Health and Welfare

Swimming in data lakes: beginner’s guide. Tero Ylisaukko-oja, CEO, MedEngine Oy

14:30 End of the Conference & Good Bye. Mia Bengtström

14:40  Bus transportation to Airport


Break-out in Finnish

15:00-16:00 Business Finland: miten voimme edistää Suomen mahdollisuuksia osallistua IMI-hankkeisiin.


Registration for the conference here

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