Joint NORDICPedMed/PIF Nordic Conference on Pediatric Medicines 13th June, Helsinki, Finland

Nordic Conference on Pediatric Medicines

Time: 13th June, 10:00 a.m. - 17:00 p.m.
Venue: Leonardo da Vinci Auditorium, Itämerenkatu 11-13, Gräsviken/Ruoholahti, Helsinki, Finland

Thank you for participating!

Nordic collaboration can increase pediatric medicines research opportunities by providing:

  • Larger child population (5.2 million < 18 yrs. old)
  • Strong position within Europe (Enpr-EMA) and in new European Research Infrastructure initiatives
  • High-quality research environment for pediatric medicines in similar health-care systems with high-tech solutions, and unique system of national registers, patient and biological sample data, and statistics
  • Scientific and administrative competence at a Nordic level
  • Ethical aspects for pediatric clinical trials
  • Benefits for children in Nordic countries & opportunities for early access to new promising medicines


Welcome – Mia Bengtström, PIF, Finland

EMA Regulatory up-date – PDCO – Ann Marie Kaukonen, Finland               

EMA Regulatory up-date – PDCO – Siri Wang, Norway                                     

EU Regulation review -challenges and opportunities for industry – Mia Bengtström, PIF, Finland                                             

FinPedMed & IcePedMed – Pirkko Lepola, Finland                                             

NorPedMed –Thomas Halvorsen, Norway                                                             

SwedPedMed –Anders Rane, Sweden                                                                     

DanPedMed –Helle Holst, Denmark                                                                         

NordicPedMed –Kalle Hoppu, Finland                                                                     

Ethical aspects in pediatric Clinical Trials - Nordic advantages – Pirkko Lepola, Finland

International collaboration: the global picture –Mark Turner, UK                

Pharma Industry expectations for Pediatric research - Heidrun Hildebrand, Bayer AG Germany                           

Paediatric Early Phase Trials Unit, TAYS, Sauli Palmu, Finland                        


More information: Mia Bengtström, PIF,