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Pharmaceutical research investments in Finland

Pharmaceutical companies have been doing their clinical trials in Finland for a long time. The Finnish operating environment and especially the country’s state-of-the-art competence have attracted hundreds of clinical trials in Finland every year.

Any medicine will receive its marketing authorisation only when the pharmaceutical company has demonstrated that the innovation is efficient, of high quality and safe for the users. In Europe, a large share of the pharmaceutical industry’s investments – about 30 billion euro – goes to medicine R&D.

Good research conditions

Pharma Industry Finland PIF has 15 years of statistics on the research done by the pharmaceutical industry in Finland. They show that Finland has a good and long reputation as an interesting country from the pharmaceutical research perspective.

However, we now see some worrying phenomena and trends:

  • Research volumes are decreasing and the money spent on them is less than it used to be.
  • Fewer patients receive the most novel therapies as early as possible.
  • Society has lost some of the therapies given in the form of trial medicines.
  • Pharmaceutical companies reduce the number of clinical trial experts in Finland.

To turn the trend, we need to develop the operating environment of pharmaceutical research. This would attract more pharmaceutical research to Finland also in the future.


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