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Medicines policy-maker

Medicines policy covers the entire operational sphere of the pharmaceutical industry. Pharma Industry Finland PIF wants to be actively involved in developing the sector and preparing the issues in the pharmaceutical branch.
We want to operate with proactive initiative, influencing the medicines policy decision-making. We also want to show that our expertise provides significant added value to the co-operation between the stakeholders.
Medicines policy is part of the social and health policy and pharmaceutical service an intrinsic element of the efficient Finnish social welfare and healthcare systems. The pharmaceutical branch cannot be developed in isolation from overall social welfare and healthcare.

Medicines Policy 2020 project

Pharma Industry Finland is intensely involved in the Medicines Policy 2020 project run by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health to determine and outline the core principles and objectives of the national medicines policy.
The comprehensive project comprises several elements, such as
  • measures to improve the outcome of pharmacotherapies
  • information and other ways to support the patients' self-care
  • safety of medicine use
  • pharmaceutical research
  • therapeutic value of medicines and the research potential in this area
  • smooth exchange of patient records.
The Medicines Policy 2020 project was prepared in 2010. The publication of the policy in 2011 launched the implementation of the identified measures to redress the problems in pharmacotherapies and pharmaceutical service.  The core medicines issues will also be raised in the social welfare and health policy strategy 2020 prepared by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.
The pharmaceutical branch is strictly regulated, and therefore many development issues are related to the legislation on pharmaceuticals. Pharma Industry Finland also wants to participate in this stage and contribute to the development of the pharmaceutical branch and legislation.

Medicines are an intrinsic part of healthcare, a part of the solution.

That is why the document entitled Medicine Policy 2020 is very important for PIF. We follow its implementation and collaborate with STM for the preparation of the legislative development plans and meters.