Become a member

Become a member of pharmaceutical industry developers

Pharma Industry Finland is the organization bringing together innovation-driven companies based in life science research and development.

We collect and share knowledge, offer information and a variety of networks, and participate in national policymaking. Our member companies look to us for guidance in all regulatory issues on the national and pan-European levels.

Pharma Industry Finland and its member companies have a clear distribution of work:

  • The pharmaceutical companies concentrate in running their daily core business, including research, production and marketing.  
  • Pharma Industry Finland PIF promotes issues and project persistence, irrespective of quarterly or annual financial periods.

Credible lobbying both in Finland and in Europe

PIF’s lobbying work extends from Finland to the European decision-making forums.

PIF is a credible representative of the entire branch, and in negotiations and in stakeholder contacts, PIF has a stronger position than an individual company.

How to become a member

The Pharma Industry Finland PIF membership can be applied by

  • companies authorised to manufacture or market pharmaceuticals or to engage in pharmaceutical research in Finland
  • associations involved in the defence of pharmaceutical industry interests
  • other legally competent corporations.

An important requirement of membership is the commitment to operations complying with the PIF Code of Ethics. The independently operating Supervisory Commission for the Marketing of Medicinal Products is the guarantor of such compliance.

The written applications are examined by the PIF Board who will also adopt new members.

New members are required to pay a one-off fee at the entry, and members pay an annual membership fee which is adopted every year by the PIF General Assembly.

Extranet – shared arena for PIF’s member companies

The primary force of PIF is the interaction and transparency between its members, decision-making bodies and offices. Accessible by members only, the PIF Extranet constitutes a functional arena for this interaction.

It also improves the exchange of information between the PIF offices and its members, simplifying the preparation of various issues as well as the respective decision-making and operative coordination.

With the help of the Extranet, we provide the members with information on

  • topical issues
  • requests of opinion received by PIF
  • meetings and events
  • current training offers

Membership benefits include co-operation agreements

On behalf of the members, Pharma Industry Finland PIF has closed advantageous deals with major hotel chains. We also have co-operation agreements with certain car lease companies.

For further information, please contact

Sanna Lauslahti, Managing Director,, tel. + 358 9 6150 4901.