The Finnish Medicines Verification System takes a leap forward


The Finnish pharmaceutical supply chain actors have on December 19th 2016 formed the Finnish Medicines Verification Organisation FiMVO (Suomen Lääkevarmennus Oy in Finnish). The non-profit limited company will take charge of implementing the European Medicines Verification System (EMVS) in Finland according to the requirements of the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD). 

The founding members of the company are Pharma Industry Finland, Orion Corporation, the Finnish Generic Pharmaceutical Association, Suppliers of Parallel Imported Medicines in Finland, the Association of Finnish Pharmacies and the Association of Pharmaceutical Distributors.

The EMVS is being setup to fight falsifications in the legal pharmaceutical supply chain from manufactures to wholesalers, pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and ending up with the patient.

Medicines packages will in the future hold a 2D matrix containing a code uniquely identifying the package. The packages will also include mechanisms which indicate if the package has been illegally opened throughout the supply chain.

The EMVS consists of a European repository which connects to national repositories throughout the EU. The system must be in place by February 9th 2019.

Patient safety is at the core of system

”Falsified medicines pose a serious threat to patients. In Finland falsified medicines in the legal supply chain are a rarity. On a global level, falsified medicines are a wide scale problem”, says Maija Gohlke-Kokkonen, the General Manager of the Finnish Medicines Verification Organisation. 

“The active substances in a falsified medicine may be the wrong ones, ineffective or even dangerous. Buying medicines from unlawful sources such as illegal online shops, put the patient at serious risk. Medicines should always be bought from a reliable source, such as a Finnish pharmacy or legal online pharmacy”, Gohlke-Kokkonen continues.

The EMVS will be implemented in Finland by February 2019. The first packages according to the new requirements will enter the market already in the near future as the system will be tested.

Additional information:

General Manager Maija Gohlke-Kokkonen

Tel. +358 40 700 1655

19. Dec 2016