Jyrki Liljeroos continues to chair PIF Board

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CEO Jyrki Liljeroos of Santen Oy, the pharmaceutical company specialised in ophthalmology, will continue as the Board Chairperson.

In its organising meeting of 27 January, the Board of Directors of Pharma Industry Finland (PIF) elected CEO Marko Koistila of GlaxoSmithKline Oy as the 1st Vice Chairperson and CEO Päivi Kerkola of Pfizer Oy as the 2nd Chairperson.

Now serving his second year as Board Chairperson, Jyrki Liljeroos underlines the importance of patients all over Finland having the right and access to rational use of medicines irrespective of their place of residence or social status. This principle must be followed both in outpatient and hospital care.

For the pharmaceutical industry, the major challenges in the current year include the 134 million euro cuts imposed on the medicine reimbursement expenses payable by Kela next year.

“The savings must be prepared with due care and in collaboration with the various actors so that rational use of medicines remains a central tool for attaining savings", Jyrki Liljeroos points out.

Rational use of medicines means, for example, the assessment of care needs, eliminating inappropriate or overlapping medications and supporting patients in the implementation of their pharmacotherapies. Pharma Industry Finland believes that these tools will help to identify significant savings in Kela’s medicine reimbursement expenses.

The reform of social welfare and healthcare systems, or the so-called SOTE reform, is another major project from the sector’s perspective. Pharma Industry Finland wants to improve the status of medical research and, therefore, the future Act on the SOTE system must include a clause on the status and research conditions of universities.

The representative of innovative pharmaceutical industry in Finland, Pharma Industry Finland PIF’s Board is composed, in addition to the Chairpersons, of Country Division Head Olaf Gerber (Bayer Oy), CEO Titus Gylvin (Roche Oy), CEO Marco Hautalahti (Biogen Finland Oy), CEO Remi Menes (AbbVie Oy), CEO Vesa Loponen (Oy Swedish Orphan Biovitrum Ab), CEO Marjukka Suomela (Ferring Oy), CEO Ilpo Tolonen (MSD Finland Oy), CEO Antti Viitanen (Novartis Finland Oy) Country Director Jenni Vuola (Sanofi Pasteur MSD).

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2. Feb 2016