Päivi Kerkola of Pfizer Oy is PIF’s new chairperson

Päivi Kerkola, M.Sc. (Econ.), Managing Director of Pfizer Oy, is the new Chairperson of Pharma Industry Finland PIF. PIF represents the innovative pharmaceutical industry engaged in the development of new medicines and has about 40 member companies with over 60 percent of the pharmaceutical branch sales in Finland.

According to Päivi Kerkola, the health sector, internationally frequently referred to as Life Sciences, provides Finland with potentials which are still mostly untapped.

“The pharmaceutical industry invests over 30 billion euro annually in Europe. Attracting even two percent of the whole to Finland would mean tripling the current level of investments. We must ensure that the conditions of the Finland-based pharmaceutical research improve along with the imminent reform of social welfare and healthcare system, the so-called sote reform", Managing Director Kerkola emphasises.

Her company Pfizer is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies globally, with a total of 130 employees in Finland. Päivi Kerkola has led Pfizer Finland since the year 2014. As the PIF chairperson, she wants to underline the importance of collaborating across sectoral borders.

“Finland is facing monumental reforms, and we only manage if we co-operate. Healthcare must also be viewed as a whole: effective pharmaceutical therapies play a core role for the success of the sote reform and put a curb on the country’s sustainability deficit,” she adds.

The entire pharmaceutical industry employs about 5400 persons in Finland. The indirect employment impact of the pharmaceutical industry is larger if we consider, for example, the pharmaceutical jobs at hospitals.

The pharmaceutical companies invest about 220 million euro in Finland annually, and most of the investments are made in research and development.

The PIF Vice Chairs are Managing Director Antti Viitanen, Novartis Finland Oy and Managing Director Matthew Iles, Takeda Oy. The other PIF Board members in 2017 are Managing Director Nina Ekholm, AstraZeneca Oy, Country Division Head Olaf Gerber, Bayer Oy, General Manager Titus Gylvin, Roche Oy, Senior Director Marco Hautalahti, Biogen International GmbH, Switzerland, Chairman, Board of Directors Jyrki Liljeroos, Santen Oy, Country Director Marika Murto, Amgen AB, branch in Finland, General Manager Marjukka Suomela, Ferring Lääkkeet Oy, Managing Director Ilpo Tolonen, MSD Finland Oy and the Finland Vaccines Operations Head Jenni Vuola, Sanofi Oy.

For further information:

Päivi Kerkola

Chairperson, Pharma Industry Finland PIF

Tel: +358 40 755 7892 (Antti Ojala, Head of Pfizer Communications )

Jussi Merikallio

Managing Director, Pharma Industry Finland PIF

Tel: +358 50 667 48

20. Jan 2017