Pharma Industry Finland: Finland joins contest for European Medicines Agency EMA

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Pharma Industry Finland PIF is warmly in favour of MP Annika Saarikko’s proposal to move the European Medicines Agency EMA to Finland.

A consequence of Brexit, the currently London-based EMA has to be relocated.  

The Agency employs about 900 experts responsible for the scientific evaluation, supervision and safety of medicines in the EU.

“Finland meets the EMA requirements of highly educated workforce and high-level medical expertise.  We can provide the Agency with the well-functioning Finnish infrastructure and the stability of a safe country", General Manager Jussi Merikallio of Pharma Industry Finland comments on the proposal.

According to PIF, EMA would be an ideal complement to Finland's profile as a country with health research and expertise of the highest international standards.

“The health sector is one of the pillars of Finland’s future growth. It is associated with high Government expectations which are also reflected as investments in the branch. Therefore, we hope that the Government will make every effort to make Finland EMA’s future venue”, Jussi Merikallio adds.

According to Pharma Industry Finland PIF, the Finnish Medicines Agency FIMEA is a well-respected authority throughout Europe and plays an important role in EMA operations. Moreover, Finland can boast significant expertise in the future trends of the pharmaceutical branch, such as biobanks and genome research as well as the utilisation of register data for research purposes.

For further information:

Jussi Merikallio, General Manager

Pharma Industry Finland PIF

Tel: +358 50 667 48

25. Oct 2016