Pharma Industry Finland: Painful cuts in medicines reimbursements

The new Government continues to pursue the policy of tough cuts in medicines reimbursements already known from past years. At the same time, however, the Government tries to improve the growth conditions of the health sector using tools yet to be defined, and to develop rational use of medicines.

Pharma Industry Finland PIF finds that the 150 million euro cut in medicines reimbursements agreed upon by the parties in Government is consistent.  

“A cut of over ten per cent is, as such, tough and severe, further underlined by the several noteworthy cuts already made during the past few years. The implementation of this consistent cut must be agreed upon in collaboration with the actors in the pharmaceutical sector. The possibilities of the pharmaceutical industry to introduce new R&D projects must not be jeopardised”, General Director Jussi Merikallio of Pharma Industry Finland PIF emphasises.

PIF expects the Government to give precise information on the measures to improve the growth potential of the health sector.

According to estimates, the pharmaceutical industry's R&D investments could grow by 200 to 300 million euro from their current level of about 200 million euro.  To make such a leap in the level of investments it is, however, imperative that the proposed measures contained in the Health Sector Growth Strategy adopted by the former Government be implemented. We find it of great importance that the Government give strong value to the Health Sector Growth Strategy in its plan of action”, Merikallio adds.

He also reminds that the proposed increase in the level of investments would create 700–1000 new pharmaceutical industry jobs in Finland.

PIF has also identified positive elements in the new Government’s programme. Improved functional and operating capacity of Finnish people, comprehensive care and cost-efficient medication are aimed at through the plan of action for rational use of medicines.

“Rational use of medicines as the guarantee for patient safety, wellbeing and cost-efficiency, no doubt, makes sense and shows good reasoning.  Rational use of medicines means the best possible medication based on the correct diagnosis in line with the Current Care Guidelines. The patient’s response to pharmacotherapy is followed and the necessary adjustments are made. The therapy follows the patient's overall situation", Merikallio explains how PIF sees rational use of medicines.

For further information:

Jussi Merikallio, General Manager, Pharma Industry Finland PIF, tel. +358 50 667 48


2. Jun 2015