Pharma Industry Finland PIF content with Minister Mäntylä’s decision on Fimea

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Pharma Industry Finland PIF is satisfied with the decision taken by Hanna Mäntylä, Minister of Social Affairs and Health to have Helsinki as the location of Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea’s main offices. 

“The pharmaceutical industry is trying to attract new pharmaceutical branch investments and jobs in Finland. The Minister’s decision strengthens Finland's edge in the international competition for these investments", General Manager Jussi Merikallio of PIF comments on the news.

“Fimea plays a significant role for the implementation of the Health Sector Growth Strategy  which will help Finland to increase pharmaceutical research in the country, thereby also generating health and wellbeing for the Finnish people", Jussi Merikallio adds.

The decision taken by Minister Mäntylä also ensures Fimea’s solid competence in the future. PIF finds it important that this competence and expertise will have more visibility both in Finland and as a part of European pharmaceutical regulation activities.

As a result of the decision now taken, Fimea’s main place of business is Helsinki. The tasks related to the evaluation and pharmacotherapies and medicines supply development remain in Kuopio. The decentralisation coordination group is still asked to give an opinion on the issue.

“PIF is in favour of the pharmacotherapies being advanced as an element of a more comprehensive development of all social welfare and healthcare functions", says Merikallio.

Through various licence and control charges, Fimea’s customers already pay about 85% of Fimea’s net expenditure. Pharmaceutical companies constitute Fimea’s largest customer group.

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Pharma Industry Finland PIF

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30. Mar 2016