Pharma Industry Finland PIF in favour of Government plans for increased growth

Lääketeollisuus ry

Pharma Industry Finland PIF supports the business and innovation policy actions for enhanced competitiveness and economic growth included in the plan of action by Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s Government.

In its plan, the Government also highlights the growth potential of health technology, among other sectors.

“We are pleased to see the Government support the same practical measures which PIF has been underlining, such as increased growth through pharmaceutical research”, General Director Jussi Merikallio of Pharma Industry Finland PIF comments on the recent plans.

The Growth strategy for health sector research and innovation adopted by the previous Government focuses on the growth possibilities found in health technology, in other words in pharmaceutical industry and health technology industry as well as biobanks. To make this growth materialise, legislative amendments are needed; for example, the research permit processes should be smoother. Constructive cooperation between the practical business and universities is also necessary to develop and commercialise new products and services.

“In Finland, the pharmaceutical industry invests about 200 million annually in research and development . Through the measures envisioned in the Growth Strategy and now also in the Government’s plan of action, it will be possible to double or even triple these research investments. That could translate into as many as one thousand new jobs in pharmaceutical research”, Jussi Merikallio estimates.

The pharmaceutical industry’s positive expectations inspired by the Government’s plan of action are, however, weakened by the simultaneous savings objectives imposed on the medicines reimbursements expenses payable by Kela.  Currently, the pharmaceutical companies are not yet aware of the factual burden caused by the savings measures, nor how they would impact the growth promises related to pharmaceutical research investments.

“The savings measures must not undermine the pharmaceutical companies' possibilities to generate the expected growth and new jobs. Pharmaceutical companies absolutely need to be able to predict their operative environment in Finland", Merikallio adds.

PIF also welcomes the Government plans on deregulation. However, deregulation can only take place if there are sufficient resources in government to implement the plans. For example, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is responsible for the social welfare and healthcare reform which is of enormous scale and repercussions. The Government must provide the Ministry with sufficient preparatory resources so that deregulation can be implemented despite the Ministry’s burden of other work, such as the reform of the storage obligation related to emergency supplies of medicines.

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Jussi Merikallo, General Manager, Pharma Industry Finland (PIF)

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30. Sep 2015