Pharma Industry Finland PIF supports the working group proposal on Fimea’s offices staying in Helsinki

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Pharma Industry Finland PIF welcomes the proposal by the working group charged with the task of analysing the decentralisation of the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea.

The group finds Fimea’s main offices should remain in Helsinki. The working group gave its report to Hanna Mäntylä, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, on 9 February.

“The location of the central agency is of great importance for the pharmaceutical companies which mainly operate in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Turku and Tampere”, Jussi Merikallio, General Manager of Pharma Industry Finland PIF comments on the proposal.

The transfer of Fimea’s operations to Kuopio would generate additional expenses for the agency’s principal customers, the pharmaceutical companies. Through various licence and control charges, the industry already pays about 85% of Fimea’s net expenditure.

Pharma Industry Finland PIF finds that Fimea's main offices staying in Helsinki favours both Finland and Fimea in the international competition for pharmaceutical branch investments.

“Following the Health Sector Growth Strategy, we strive to increase the investments made in the Finland-based health sector, thus creating new growth and jobs in the country. In view of this objective, the working group has come to the correct conclusion”, General Manager Merikallio adds.

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Jussi Merikallio, General Manager

Pharma Industry Finland PIF

Tel: +358 50 667 48

9. Feb 2016