The pharmaceutical companies used 27 million euro on cooperation with healthcare professionals

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The PIF member companies used last year approximately 27 million euro for the cooperation with physicians and other healthcare professionals, such as for education of doctors and for expert services provided by them.

The pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals have close cooperation which is essential for the development of the pharmacotherapies and healthcare. The cooperation is regulated besides the law also by the PIF Code of Ethics and it must always be based on professional needs. The pharmaceutical companies published on Tuesday the transfers of value related to the cooperation with healthcare professionals for the very first time.

“The cooperation is very beneficial both for the patient and for healthcare and it stands public inspection very well”, says PIF’s Senior Advisor Laura Labart.

The pharmaceutical companies used approximately 1,000 euro per cooperation party on average. The most important forms of cooperation are education and expert services. The pharmaceutical companies contributed to these by approximately 8.5 million euro in total. An important form of cooperation related to education is supporting the participation in scientific congresses. The companies pay the doctors e.g. for giving lectures and for educational material as well as for scientific consultation.

“It is natural to pay an appropriate compensation for expert services”, says PIF’s Senior Advisor Jaakko Laurila.

The disclosure of the cooperation is a Europe-wide project for the pharmaceutical industry and it is binding for the PIF member companies in Finland. The member companies published the sums related to the cooperation with the healthcare professionals on their websites on 31 May. The first disclosed data concerned the cooperation with healthcare professionals in 2015, from now on the data will be published yearly.

The Finnish Medical Association supports openness in the cooperation and has recommended to its members that they would give their consent to the disclosure of the cooperation.

“Medical science develops all the time and it is essential for the physicians to educate themselves continuously. As the possibilities of the employers for a wide educational activity are limited, support by the pharmaceutical industry is an important addition. The cooperation is beneficial for the patients and for the whole healthcare system as well”, said the Chairperson of the Finnish Medical Association, Ms Marjo Parkkila-Harju at the information event held by PIF and the Finnish Medical Association on Tuesday in Helsinki.

For additional information:

Senior Advisor Laura Labart, PIF, tel. + 358 40 7477 620

Senior Advisor Jaakko Laurila, PIF, tel. + 358 40 776 3031

Board Chairperson Marjo Parkkila-Harju, Finnish Medical Association, tel. + 358 50 596 1670

Health Policy Advisor Lauri Vuorenkoski, Finnish Medical Association, tel. + 358 44 563 0556


Cooperation with pharmaceutical companies from the point of view of healthcare professionals:

Mr Sakari Alaranta, pharmacy owner, Raisio 1st Pharmacy, tel. + 358 40 551 4251

Mr Jyrki Korkeila, professor of psychiatry, University of Turku, tel. + 358 40 551 4249

30. May 2016