Pharmaceutical market showed steady development in 2014

Last year, the pharmacy and hospital sectors of the Finnish pharmaceutical market grew relatively steadily, about five percent. The growth of the pharmacy market is explained by the advanced pharmacotherapies that allow more patients with severe diseases to stay and be cared for at home, instead of the expensive hospital care. The five-percent cut of the prices of reimbursable original medicines, implemented in 2013, also boosted the growth of the pharmacy market by affecting the calculatory growth figures in 2014.  

Measured in wholesale prices, the overall value of the pharmaceutical market was 2.2 billion euro.

“The ageing of the population is directly reflected in the growth of medicines sales. A growing number of Finnish people have at least one chronic disease”, PIF’s analyst Nadia Tamminen comments on the figures.

Most of the sales go to the pharmacies which accounted for 71% or about 1.6 billion euro of the total sales. The share of the medicines sales to hospitals was about one fourth or 576 million euro of the whole while the share of retail and other sales remained virtually the same, three percent which is about 53 million euro.

Among the different disease categories, the pharmaceutical companies' largest selling medicines groups were antineoplastics and antirheumatic immunomodulators. They accounted for 22 percent, or 470 million euro, of the total. The second largest group was nervous system medicines, such as those used for the medication of epilepsy, dementia and depression and strong analgesic, and their share was 17% or 375 million euro of the sales.  The medicines for the alimentary tract diseases and metabolic disorders, such as diabetes, accounted for 13 percent or 280 million euro of the total.

“Rapid advances are made in the pharmacotherapies of cancer and rheumatism which is in the best interest of the patients and the healthcare system. The fact that the Finnish population is ageing leads to increased sales of anti-dementia medicines, for example”, Tuomas Nurmela, PIF’s Director of Communications adds.

The growth in the sales of diabetes medicines reflects not only the introduction of novel and improved medicines which contribute to a better sugar balance but also the increased prevalence of the disease.

Among the individual medicinal products, the three top-ranking medicines were all antirheumatics: AbbVie's Humira, MSD Finland’s Remicade and Pfizer’s Enbrel.

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Nadia Tamminen, Analyst, Pharma Industry Finland PIF, tel. 040 748 4373

Tuomas Nurmela, Director of Communications, Pharma Industry Finland PIF, tel. 040 542 0009

12. Feb 2015