Physicians find that self-care would often suffice

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Physicians find that patients tend to seek medical help also in cases where their health problem could be solved with self-care medicines.

Over 60 percent of physicians think that patients are no longer capable of assessing the seriousness of their symptoms. These are among the outcomes of the questionnaire replied by phone by 200 physicians. The study was performed by TNS Gallup for Pharma Industry Finland PIF.

Recently, the analgesic naproxen and the antimigraine medicine sumatriptan were released for self-care use in Finland.  Controlled and safe extension of self-care medication contributes to a more efficient healthcare service. 

“Healthcare can be rationalised and the pressure on healthcare centres alleviated through a safe use of self-care medicines.  This makes it possible for physicians at healthcare centres to concentrate on and also prevent diseases that require medical attention”, Jussi Merikallio, General Manager of PIF comments on the outcome of the survey.

Over 60 percent of the physicians who responded to the PIF questionnaire found that pharmacies can help patients to assess whether their ailments require medical help. More than half of the respondents also considered that the pharmacy is the right place to provide patients with advice on the choice of the correct medicine.

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8. Jan 2016