Series of portraits of men with prostate cancer wins the Pharmaceutical Information Act of the Year award in 2016

Produced by the photographer Juha Törmälä for the pharmaceutical company Astellas Pharma and the Finnish Prostate Cancer Association PROPO ry, the series of men with prostate cancer is the winner of the Pharmaceutical Information Act of the Year award in 2016.

The series of photos includes 12 portraits of men who have got prostate cancer. In this campaign, the portrayed men tell their personal prostate cancer stories. The objective of the campaign is to increase awareness of prostate cancer and the life men can lead despite their disease.

Realised by the Communications Agency Cocomms, the campaign will be rewarded today at the Helsinki Fair Centre on occasion of the Pharmacy Days event targeted at pharmaceutical professionals. Pharma Industry Finland PIF organises the competition annually, and the winner is chosen by an independent jury of professionals, this year constituted by Ritva Hanski-Pitkäkoski, Executive Director of  the Association of Finnish Advertisers (Jury Chairperson), Tuula Kallio, CEO of Dagmar advertising agency of Helsinki, Eeva-Kaisa Mäki-Moijala, pharmacist of Apteekkimarket, Lauri Sipilä, CEO of MARK the Finnish Marketing Association and Heljä Salonen, multimedia journalist of the Iltalehti tabloid. Jaakko Laurila, Senior Advisor of Pharma Industry Finland PIF, acted as the jury secretary.

The jury finds that Twelve Men is an eloquently effective, elegant and touching campaign that made prostate cancer visible and a topic you can talk about. During the campaign, the exhibition of the male portraits went from Helsinki to Tampere, Oulu, Kuopio and Turku. The exhibition can now be seen at the Pharmacy Days organised at the Helsinki Fair Centre.

In addition to the exhibition, the campaign also had a lot of coverage in the media. The postcards made of the campaign portraits sent to healthcare professionals and opinion leaders helped to increase the awareness of physicians and decision-makers about prostate cancer.

“The marketing business values campaigns that tell a story with courage.  With the strong photos and survival stories of these courageous men, this joint campaign highlighted both aspects splendidly", the jury chair Ritva Hanski-Pitkäkoski of the Association of Finnish Advertisers commented on the competition.

For further information:

Executive Director Ritva Hanski-Pitkäkoski, Association of Finnish Advertisers, tel. +358 40 5867

Senior Advisor Jaakko Laurila, Pharma Industry Finland PIF, tel. +358 40 776 3031

17. Nov 2016