1st Nordic conference on Real World Data - Collaboration between pharma industry and Academia, 29.-30.11.2016, Helsinki

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DAY 1: November 29, 2016

Welcome to the conference - overview of the NTA project and aims of the conference
Mia Bengtström, Senior Advisor, Pharma Industry Finland, Nordic Trial Alliance Board

Big Data and Real World Data: How they are transforming drug development? 
Margaret McDonald, Senior Director Real World Data and Analytics, Global Health and Value, Pfizer Inc, New York

Nordic Registers and Biobanks - as a basis for innovative research on health and welfare.
Juni Palmgren, Professor, Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Karolinska Institutet

How next generation clinical trials can be supported by RW – data, biospecimen, analytical tools and services?​ 
Tarja Laitinen, Chief Physician and Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, Turku University Hospital and University of Turku

Working with a variety of different types of data accessible in Denmark - RWE results with insights and usability for both industry and the public
Arun Michelsen, Senior Researcher, DLI Market Intelligence

Interesting topics in the Nordic countries

Finland: Secondary use of health data: legislation and one door approach. Pekka Kahri, Director of Department of Information Services, National Institute for Health and Welfare 

Iceland: Treatment as prevention for hepatitis C in Iceland- a national elimination project. Dr Sigurður Ólafsson, MD, Department of Internal Medicine, the National University Hospital of Iceland

Sweden: Swedish National Quality Registries - Focused investment 2012-2016 & Industry collaboration. Kristina Lidén Mascher, Strategist-Industry & International collaborations, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions

Norway: The opportunities for RWE-studies in Norway. Kari Furu, Senior Research Scientist, Department of epidemiology, National institute of Public Health


DAY 2: November 30, 2016

Using local RWD to drive global therapeutic advancements
Mike Spencer, Head of Real World Evidence, EMEA, Janssen

The Norwegian Cancer Registry – an unique infrastructure for innovation and research
Espen Enerly,  Researcher,  the Norwegian Cancer registry

Collaboration built on both commissioned and academic research.
Helle Kieler, Center director, NORPEN Centre for Pharmacoepidemiology at Karolinska Institute  

Real world evidence studies: A fully integrated part of drug development.
Pål Hasvold, Medical Evidence Science Lead, AstraZeneca
Infrastructures for register-based research. 
Maria Nilsson, Head of Unit for Register-based Research, Swedish Research Council

The reality of Real World Data in a Nordic context: Possibilities and barriers for collaboration between Academia and industry
Anton Pottegård, Associate professor, University of Southern Denmark 

The importance of health data for research and innovation and for governance of the healthcare sector
Anne Grethe Erlandsen, Secretary of State, Ministry of Health and Care Services

Utilization of RWE at AbbVie - Partnering for sustainable healthcare
Katharina Büsch, Senior manager Health Economics & Outcomes Research/Market Access, AbbVie


EPID Research, Eero Mertano,Partner, CEO
ESiOR Oy, Erkki Soini, CEO, Health Economist
MedEngine Oy, Tero Ylisaukko-oja, CEO, founder
Medaffcon Oy, Pekka Männistö, Sales Director

More information: Mia Bengtström, Senior Advisor, Pharma Industry Finland, mia.bengtstrom@pif.fi, tel. +358 40 544 5858

Organizers: Nordic Trial Alliance, Norden NordForsk, Mia Bengtström PIF – Pharma Industry Finland, Sirpa Soini Helsinki Biobank, Monica Larsen LMI – The Association of Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway, Karolina Antonov LIF – The Research-based Pharmaceutical Industry in Sweden, Christian Arnt Jønbech DLI Market Intelligence Denmark