2nd Nordic conference on Real World Data, Collaboration between Pharma industry and Academia, September 26-27, 2017, Helsinki

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More information: Mia Bengtström, Pharma Industry Finland, mia.bengtstrom@pif.fi, tel. +358 40 544 5858.


DAY 1: September 26, 2017
Real World Data for drug development, patient access and life cycle management

Nordic Trial Alliance and conference aims.
Mia Bengtström, Senior Advisor, Pharma Industry Finland, Nordic Trial Alliance Board

Real world data for real world decision making

Adapting a real world data & analytics centers of excellence to meet growing needs across the enterprise.
Margaret McDonald, Senior Director, Real World Data and Analytics, Global Health and Value, Pfizer

Facilitating clinical decision making via registry data: a case from the Finnish MS-registry.
Markku Aittokallio, StellarQ and Merja Soilu Hänninen, Turku University Hospital

Pan-Nordic registry collaborations.
Kristina Lidén Mascher, Strategist- Industry & International collaborations, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions

Possibilities in analytic medicine: how “big data” can impact the development of new medicines and how regulators better can develop guidelines and give scientific support to the industry.
Ine Skottheim Rusten, Senior adviser, the Norwegian Medicines Agency, member of EMA’s Modelling and Simulation Working Group

Health analytics platform – better opportunities for secondary use of health data.
Christian Jonasson, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of Public Health and Nursing, Norway

Expanding data possibilities

Chair: Arto Vuori, Development Manager, THL

RWD after RCT, evaluating drugs in daily clinical practice.
Stefan Franzén, Statistician, Sweden

Finnish Diabetes type II Study – 6 month’s observation results.
Outi Koskela, Research Manager, Farenta Oy

Towards outcome-based risk sharing agreements in hospital and outpatient settings - how to utilize RWD?
Pekka Männistö, External Affairs Director, Medaffcon Oy

From Evidence to Consequence.
Niels Christian Hirsch, Chief Advisor and Arun Micheelsen, Chief Market Researcher, Dli-MI, Denmark

The role of public-private partnerships in evidence generation.
Christina Donatti, IMI Lead, Real World Evidence, Janssen


DAY 2: September 27, 2017

(Auditorium session) Using RWD and biobanks to drive health innovations

(Parallel breakout session: see end of program)

New iniatives in Finnish biobanks - Digital biobank and joint operator.
Johanna Arola, Acting CEO, Biobank Finland Joint Operator

Norwegian biobanks for research and innovation – status and future perspectives.
Christian Jonasson, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of Public Health and Nursing, Norway

The Swedish biobank infrasctructure- current status and future perspectives.
Therese Fagerqvist, Regionalt biobankscentrum Uppsala Örebro

Real-world data in biobank research - from discovery to feasibility studies.
Lila Kallio, Director, Auria BioBank, Finland

(Auditorium session) Using RWD and biobanks to drive health innovations cont’d

Chair: BiobankPetri Lehto, Director, Policy and Communication, MSD Finland Oy

Epidemiology in the era of digital data: a view from the pharmaceutical industry.
Andrew Roddam, VP & Head Real World Evidence and Epidemiology, GSK

Generic switching of warfarin and risk of excessive anticoagulation: a Danish nationwide cohort study.
Maja Hellfritzsch Poulsen, Department of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark

Combining clinical trial data, real world registry data and biobanks: prognostic modelling of CRPC (=Castration-resistant prostate cancer).
Tero Aittokallio, Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), University of Helsinki, and Department of Mathematics and Statistics University of Turku, Finland

Health data for research and HTA purposes: a PPP-program on the lung cancer registry.
Hege Edvardsen, Medical Manager BioT and Real World Evidence, AbbVie AS

Data privacy – General Data Protection Regulation and its implications for research (Parallel breakout session: see end of program)

The EFPIA Perspective on the GDPR
Brendan Barnes, Director IP and Global Health, Efpia

Involving the patient in research “Making Hope Bloom”.
Tiina Aaltonen, Siskot ry, http://www.siskot.info/en/

End of conference and next steps
Mia Bengtström, Senior Advisor, Pharma Industry Finland, NTA Board

Break-out sessions on September, 27

Farenta Oy: Real world data generation for market access purposes.
Marcin Balcerzak, Head of Research, Farenta Oy

MedEngine Oy and Turku Clinical Research Centre (TurkuCRC): Building RWD-projects in practice.
Tero Ylisaukko-oja, CEO

ESiOR Oy with data from multiple stakeholders.
Erkki Soini, CEO