Team Finland Health spreads the word: Finland is a good place for medicines research

Lääketeollisuus ry

Team Finland Health is a joint public sector program that facilitates the internationalization and exporting efforts of Finnish health care companies. Team Finland Health implements the Growth Strategy of research and innovation actions of the Health Sector. The strategy is also engaged in developing the research ecosystem in Finland.

For Pharma Industry Finland the most important aspect of the Team Finland Health program is that it also aims to attract investments into Finland. Team Finland Health started its work in 2015. It is a part of the larger Team Finland network with a particular emphasis on the health sector.

Team Finland Health provides a common platform and methods for efficient marketing co-operation for all actors in the Finnish health care industry. It also serves as a forum for dialogue and collaboration between the public and private sectors. Team Finland Health support and cooperate with all national health care initiatives.

Growth for Finland

Team Finland Health’s goal is to generate growth for Finland and make the Finnish health sector known for its research and innovations and create new business opportunities. In the spring 2016 TFH will publish a Window of Assets, a website gathering the reasons for international companies to invest in Finland.