Finland 4 EMA - Simply the best

Finland is seeking to host the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The European Medicines Agency is the third biggest EU agency and currently located in London. When the United Kingdom leaves the EU, the agency will be relocated.

“Finland is a world leader in education, good governance, sustainability, safety, literacy, social trust, and digitization”

A strong commitment to innovation and R&D by both the private and public sectors has played a crucial role in Finland’s development into one of the leading knowledge-based economies in the world. New businesses are continuously emerging in the gaming, electronics, software, cleantech and health industries.

In particular, accelerating the growth of the health industry is one of the priorities of the Finnish government and we want to continue to ensure a high level of healthcare and innovation also in the future. In close cooperation with corporate operators, our public sector seeks to identify growth ecosystems of the future.

We are a highly digitized but information-secure society, and we have a world-class IT expertise. Frequently ranking as the top country in the World Economic Forum Networked Readiness Index, Finland not only has unparalleled digital infrastructure but also plenty of capable professionals to reap its benefits.

Strong support from stakeholders

Finnish pharmaceutical expertise is particularly strong in areas relevant to future innovation.

We have special expertise required in the future along with biobanks and plans to establish a Genome Centre. With many biobanks and plans to establish a Genome Centre, our expertise is cutting-edge.

Even without big pharma companies, Finland has a high level of medical and pharmaceutical expertise. Our pharmaceutical sector works efficiently, and pharmaceutical safety is high. With biologicals, personalized treatments, and cancer treatments as particular areas of strength, we achieve world-class results thanks to robust domain expertise.

Finland as a location offers important synergies and remarkable benefits for both European agencies, EMA and ECHA. The deepening of the cooperation in the field of toxicology, for example, ensures better public and animal health in the whole EU.

The expertise of Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea) is widely respected. Fimea has chosen the biological products and advanced therapies as its focus area in the EU regulatory network. Fimea has a very strong commitment to EMA activities.  With expert support from Fimea we guarantee a smooth relocation process of EMA to Finland.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, responsible for the application process “Finland 4 EMA” has published a website