Sit. Rep. 2-2016

Lääketeollisuus ry

Comprehensive Finnish registers in wider use

The Ministry for Social Affairs and Health and the Finnish civil service officials have launched measures to promote a wider use of the comprehensive register data collected on the Finnish population. Currently in the drafting phase, the legislative amendment focuses on the utilisation of the country’s social welfare and health records in a data secure manner. In a few years' time, this will allow for knowledge-based management which is necessary due to the ageing of the population and the scarcer financial resources, in particular.

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Reform of social welfare and healthcare funding and administration will have impact on pharmaceuticals as well

The reform of the regional administration and the social welfare and healthcare systems, the so-called sote reform, has now progressed to the phase in which the legislative bills concerning the administrative framework have been sent out for opinions. 

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Medicines savings and Health Insurance Act changes in 2017

Finland will impose a 10% cut in the medicines reimbursement expenditure as of the beginning of 2017. The cuts will amount to 134 million euros,  constituting one element in the overall savings in public spending, targeted at core areas of the society.

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Pharmaceutical industry investments in Finland exceeded 220 million euros in 2015 

According to a survey made by Pharma Industry Finland PIF, its member companies invested at least 220 million euros in Finland last year.

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Nordic conference on Real World Data - Collaboration between pharma industry and Academia, 29.-30.11.2016, Helsinki

The conference presents the possibilities existing, remarkable examples of research and initiatives in the Nordic countries for the pharmaceutical companies. We inspire the countries in the Nordic region to find common best practices in order to attract investment to the region. The conference boosts collaboration between pharma and academia and between the Nordic countries.

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