Sit.rep 1-2014

Situation report 1-2014

Impact of austerity measures on pharmaceutical branch

The dismal situation of Finnish public economy is crystallised in three main factors: impaired productivity of industry, need for structural changes and sustainability gap. The Finnish economy is still quite sound but the problems faced by Finland call for substantial measures in order for the country to keep its credit rating at AAA.

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Working and functional capacities 

There is an ongoing and lively debate in Finland on people’s working and functional capacities. The active working population and thus the national tax revenue are decreasing and the dependency ratio is deteriorating as the population is ageing. The smaller number of taxpayers and growing senior age groups also pose a challenge to the efficiency of healthcare. Based on a recent decision, the institutionalised care of the old will be reduced. Purposeful and rational pharmacotherapy will promote health and, at the same time, people’s working and functional capacities, and reduce sick absences and lengthen people’s working lives.
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