Transparent co-operation

Co-operation between pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals based on openness

The pharmaceutical industry works in close collaboration with healthcare professionals. This co-operation is a source of development in healthcare, making medical innovations possible. At the same time, we must ensure that the co-operation enjoys public trust.

The co-operation between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals is important for novel medicine innovations, for identifying healthcare needs and for clinical trials.

The members of Pharma Industry Finland PIF are committed to the disclosure of economic information on their co-operation with the healthcare professionals. This guarantees that the joint operations are transparent and open.

The disclosure model is in place throughout Europe. The obligation is binding to all members of EFPIA, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations – and in Finland to the members of PIF.

What does diclosure of co-operation mean in practice?

The pharmaceutical companies publish a report on their website, containing the information about the co-operation with healthcare professionals and organisations.

This includes, for example

  • the registration fees for seminars or training paid for
  • travelling and accommodation costs
  • speaker and consultation fees

The name of the recipients, their places or work as well as the value and form of the benefit or fee are published.  For data security reasons, the publication of data on individuals calls for the consent of the person in question. If such consent is not obtained, the data is disclosed without the name of the person involved.

You can find the information for the year 2017 here.

The Finnish Medical Association supports the disclosure

Increased openness and trust

Co-operations create inevitable links that may also be economic by nature. It is justified that the experts in a field receive a reasonable compensation for the work done. In addition, the training organised or paid for by the companies provide the doctors and other professionals with important new knowledge.

The disclosure of economic data

  • dissipates distrust associated with the operations
  • makes the co-operation transparent, meeting the modern expectations of open operations
  • at best, enhances people's trust in the whole sector.

It is important that the general public and the healthcare stakeholder understand the significance of the co-operation between the industry and healthcare professionals.

EFPIA responsible transparency

PIF Code of Ethics (pdf)