Correct way for medicine disposal

Discarded, no longer necessary and expired medicines are problem waste. They must not be disposed of with household waste or thrown to the sewage system.

  • Check you medicine cabinet regularly, maybe once a year. Remove expired or discarded medicines.
  • Sort out mercury-containing thermometers, syringes, needles, vaccines and cytostatic agents as well as iodine-containing medicines and separate them from other medicines. Empty packages and package leaflets are sorted as glass or paper waste or general waste.
  • Never throw waste medicines incautiously in your waste bin where children or others could find them.
  • Never flush waste medicines down the toilet because the pharmaceutical substances that find their way to the environment can impact the soil or water and the microbe species or the flora and fauna.
  • For data protection reasons, remove the instruction stickers from your prescription-only medicines.
  • Pack the medicine packages in a plastic bag and ensure that the liquid medicine packages do not leak.
  • If you are asked to open the packages, take the tablets and capsules to the pharmacy in a transparent plastic bag. Many pharmacies provide the bags for medicine disposal. Liquid medicines, creams and aerosols are returned to the pharmacy in their original packages.
  • Always return waste medicines to the pharmacy or to the municipal disposal point.

Do not buy unnecessary and take only the amount you need from the pharmacy.

For additional information, turn to your pharmacy.

Source: Finnish Medicine Agency Fimea