Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Pharmaceutical manufacturing in Finland

In Finland, there are pharmaceutical manufacturers producing prescription-only and self-care medicines, as well as contract manufacturers of medicines. Finland’s strength is the specialised competence that the country can boast in various areas of the pharmaceutical branch.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is strictly regulated and controlled. The manufacturing follows the GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practices). In addition to the industry’s efficient self-monitoring procedures, the authorities control pharmaceutical manufacturing on a regular basis. In Finland, the compliance is monitored by the Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea)

Over the past few decades, Finnish domestic pharmaceutical production has decreased but by no means withered out. Finnish-based companies have been successful in developing medicines with a strong global demand. Owing to this, medicines now rank among the top 10 products in the export statistics.

Largest production facilities are

With smaller-scale operations, there are also some Finland-based companies manufacturing self-care medicines and a few contract manufacturers.

Specialised competence makes pharmaceutical plants stronger

Owing to specialisation, Finnish companies have been able to retain pharmaceutical manufacturing in the country.

Currently, Finnish specialised competence includes 

  • polymers in hormonal IUDs  
  • septic production of ocular medicines
  • production of hormonal medicines.

A significant share of the specialised production is exported.

Finnish Medicines Agendy (Fimea)