Pharma Industry Finland PIF in favour of Soininvaara’s outlines on improved utilisation of research data by Finland’s new sote structures

Pharma Industry Finland PIF supports the outlines expressed by Osmo Soininvaara in his one-man-committee report regarding the production and utilisation of the research data required by the future social welfare and healthcare structures. After the sote and regional reforms have been implemented, the decision-making of the social welfare and healthcare administration needs to be supported by increasing research-based data. 

"Pharma Industry Finland PIF finds that it is important to develop the research operations both at the Institute for Health and Welfare THL and at the provincial level in order to improve the effectiveness of the social welfare and healthcare services,” General Manager Jussi Merikallio of PIF comments on the report, adding that both THL and the provincial actors play an important role to demonstrate the effectiveness or the health benefits produced through the therapies.

“In the future, the developing pharmacotherapy impacts must be assessed more closely to understand how they help patients to cope with their everyday life. Moreover, it is also necessary to assess the benefits of advance pharmacotherapies from the perspective of the healthcare system and society at large", he adds. 
PIF is also in favour of Soininvaara's view according to which the headquarters of the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea should be in Helsinki. 
“The pharmaceutical industry is trying to attract new pharmaceutical branch investments and jobs in Finland. The high-quality operations of Fimea contribute significantly to the materialisation of such growth prospects,” General Manager Merikallio says. 

Further information:
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Pharma Industry Finland PIF
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23. Jan 2017