International pharmaceutical market

Finland is a part of the international pharmaceutical market

Finland is a part of the strongly internationalised pharmaceutical market. Finland accounts for about 1.3 percent of the European pharmaceutical sales and less than half a percent of the global sales. International aspects are today strongly present in all operations of the pharmaceutical markets.

As late as the 1990s, the majority of the medicine research, production and sales took place on the European market. The focal point has gradually shifted during the past two decades. The US is now the leader, and Japan has also gained in importance. In particular, production is moving to Asia to an increasing decree. Europe must work hard to keep up with the development.

International perspectives clearly visible in company strategies

Pharmaceutical companies do not make decisions just for the needs of one country – they must look at the bigger picture. In pharmaceutical marketing, this is more demanding than in other areas of trade.

Virtually in every country, society is somehow contributing to the pharmaceutical expenses. Therefore, the companies must be well aware of their

  • reimbursement systems
  • legislation
  • healthcare systems.

The subsidiaries play an important role for local knowledge.

International aspects are also increasingly present in Finland.  Many pharmaceutical companies have implemented organisational reforms where all Nordic operations are managed from one country.


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