Statistics illustrate changes in pharmaceutical branch

Pharma Industry Finland PIF regularly follows the statistics regarding the branch.  The statistics illustrate the changes taking place in the branch, and especially in the pharmaceutical market. These pages include the most frequently used and asked statistics and indicators.

A major part of the data and figures on is derived from the statistics or databases maintained by the authorities. The information has been processed so that it can be understood at one glance.

PIF obtains international statistics, for example, from

  • our European umbrella organisation EFPIA
  • our sister organisations in other countries
  • research reports and surveys
  • journals.

International statistics and figures provide us with important information on how the branch is doing in Europe or globally.

Not all important information on the branch is available from the authorities or other public sources. We therefore gather some information through member questionnaires. They give us information on issues such as the number of clinical trials made in Finland and the number of personnel employed by our member companies.