Genomic data and biobanks

Biobanks are an essential part of the research process. Combined with electronic health and welfare data it offers interesting possibilities. The unique individual identification code of Finnish citizens enables the linking of biobank samples to data such as medical records as well as genomic data and national registers.

This heightens the relevance and significance of research. Biobank studies are conducted for the purpose of health promotion, understanding of disease mechanisms or the development of products and treatment practices for healthcare.

Finnish registers are strong as individuals but even stronger when combined, in combination with Finland having a unique genetic heritage due to geographic isolation makes Finland the place for genetic research.

Therefore a large public-private partnership called FinnGen was established. The intention of this partnership is to collect and analyse genome and health data from 500,000 Finnish biobank participants and it aims to provide novel medically and therapeutically relevant insights, but also construct a world-class resource that can be applied for future studies.

It is also worthy of attention, that all sample-related data that this project generates can be linked to the originating biobanks. This makes it possible to combine the gained information with deep phenotypic data and utilise it further.

To facilitate pharmaceutical research in Finland, there are portals and infrastructure allowing access to Finnish regional and nation-wide biobanks with one click. 

The Finnish Biobank Cooperative – FINBB acts as a central biobank hub for both academic researchers and medical product developers. It is co-owned by Finnish universities, hospitals and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). FINBB is also an official partner of FinnGen biobank project and coordinates a larger ecosystem evolving around study. FINBB has eight member biobanks and aims for an internationally advanced biobank infrastructure.

Fingenious is a digital portal that allows connecting to samples and biodata of Finnish public biobanks in one place. The service is managed by FINBB. Biobank collections and services available via the Fingenious-portal are suitable for research studies that utilise samples, sample associated data (such as genome data) or sample donor recontacting services, typically combined with sample donor associated data (phenotype data). 

Registering to Fingenious is the first step to conducting a biobank study when one wishes to use samples and/or data from one or multiple regional biobanks in Finland.

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