100% Digital Health Data

Since 1965, all Finnish citizens have had a national identification number, which links together all patient and personal data of an individual. With the identification number and linked registers, the patient can be observed from birth to their very last day.

There are 17 comprehensive and high-quality digital health, social and welfare registers in Finland, where 98% of patient records are in an electronic format – compared to 76% in the USA.

Findata is the Health and Social Data Permit Authority whose purpose is to make health and social data more accessible and easier to utilise in an effective and secure processing environment. They grant data permits when data is required from multiple registers. The objective of Findata is to eliminate overlapping administrative burden, to enhance data protection and to improve data quality within the registers. The data can be used for example in scientific research, statistics and development and innovation operations.

Finland strives for a leading position in Personalised Medicine. Utilising the biobank and health data wisely, also provides an opportunity for Orphan drug research despite a rather small population. Collaboration between the Nordic countries and EU 1+ Million Genome project, makes it even more interesting. 

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