Vaccines protect

Vaccines are efficient in preventing serious diseases, ensuing secondary diseases and complications. They are medicinal products which generate resistance against diseases.

Through vaccination, the person gets immune through the same natural mechanism as in the case of being sick, but in a safer way. Falling ill we might also involve the risk of contracting secondary diseases or complications that may be serious.

In fact, in terms of costs, vaccination is one of the most efficient means for healthcare to maintain health, wellbeing and working capacity because it is cheaper to prevent diseases than cure them.

Taking or not taking a vaccine is a conscious choice.  Vaccination protects the person vaccinated and their immediate family members. 

Those thinking of taking a vaccine should think about their choice in detail, based on matter-of-fact research data. The vaccines in the vaccination programme have been investigated by experts who have found them to be safe and efficient at the individual and the population level. When a vaccine enters the market, its efficacy and safety have been studied for years in extensive clinical trials, and therefore the safety level of vaccines is high. 
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Finland has decided to protect the inhabitants from the major infective diseases through
the national vaccination programme

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