Economic growth through the health sector

The health sector has a double significance because it can simultaneously contribute to two important issues: promote health and wellbeing as well as boost economic growth through innovation, research and new solutions.

This is of particular importance when we seek to tackle the sustainably gap of the Finnish society.  Our society needs new growth motors. It is therefore important to persist with the successfully launched health sector growth strategy.  It is possible to turn the health sector into Finland's new growth engine.

In the tough international competition for medicines trials, Finland has excellent potentials and a good competitive edge. Our extensive data reserves as well as their analysis and use in research and decision-making open new opportunities for advanced therapies.

We also have state-of-the-art research competence, outstanding expertise among the healthcare personnel as well as highly committed patients. Our competitiveness is further boosted by internationally significant trail-blazers, such as the FinnGen research project. The project utilises the blood samples collected to Finnish biobanks, opening new horizons to the causes of diseases, their treatments and, best of all, into prevention of diseases.

The race for the international projects is fierce. Finland must be able to provide the health sector research and investments with a flexible, predictable and enabling operating environment. This becomes possible through revised legislation, sufficient funding allocated to basic research as well as unambiguous processes with the authorities. 

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