Vaccines are developed for disease prevention

When a vaccine enters the market, its efficacy and safety have been studied for years in extensive clinical trials.

The vaccine is normally administered to tens of thousands of voluntary trial subjects. The safety level of vaccines is high.

The trials give detailed information on the benefits gained through the vaccines as well as on the adverse reactions caused. The benefits of a vaccine must be many times larger than the eventual adverse effects.

Novel vaccines are continually developed. Today, there are vaccines available for the prevention of more than 40 diseases. In addition, many veterinary diseases are prevented through vaccines. In the future, the selection of vaccines will be significantly more extensive owing to the R&D done presently.

Besides the traditional vaccines, we may soon have vaccines that cure diseases.  Curing vaccines are also being developed for cancer diseases as well as for allergies, various dependencies, AIDS and neurological diseases. The extending selection of vaccines gives people more opportunities to actively maintain their health.