24.03.2023 | Kaija Rinne, Senior Advisor, PharmaLex Finland

Crisis-tolerant security of medicine supply

Supply of medicines is one of the essential functions in society. The crises that we are now surrounded by were unforeseeable, but we can prepare for the disruptions that they might cause.  Preparedness means not only surviving the disruption, but also recovering quickly after the crisis. An accurate situational picture is the foundation of all preparedness.

24.02.2022 | Petri Lehto, Director of Policy and Communication at MSD Finland Oy & Antti Viitanen, Nordic Head of Government and Public Affairs at Novartis Nordic

An active innovation policy has the potential to bring health sector growth to Finland

This year, the European Commission will announce its proposal for the revision of European pharmaceutical legislation. As a leader in innovation, Finland must ensure that the Commission’s revisions will continue to ensure Europe’s competitiveness in the future.


Now comes Smart Health

First there was e-health, then came mobile health and now comes Smart Health

08.10.2019 | Sanna Lauslahti, Managing Director, PIF

Smart Health - solutions for healthcare needs

It is difficult to define in simple words what the transition of healthcare means. Digitalisation and data are essential drivers of the change but how to best put into words what is currently happening? One of the excellent attempts is the new concept “Smart Health”. 

19.07.2019 | Christina Bucci-Rechtweg, Global Head, Paediatric & Maternal Health Policy, Regulatory Affairs, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

The Nordic Contribution to Delivering Better Medicines for Europe’s Children

The paediatric population is primarily healthy, rendering paediatric drug development research challenging due to the limited number of children typically impacted by a medical condition.