Research generates wellbeing

When we invest in research and in the conditions promoting it, we will have sustainable solutions that improve the economy.

The competition for medical research operations takes place on an international level. Medical research and innovation are, in fact, characterised by the particular feature that they not only promote business but also benefit people’s wellbeing and health.

Firstly, research brings in investments. In 2017, the pharmaceutical industry’s investment in Finland totalled 254 million euro, with 200 million allocated to R&D. Every year, the industry makes a 50 million euro investment in the Finnish healthcare system in the form of free trial medicines.

Through research, top expert jobs are also created in hospitals, universities and companies. With the help of the investments by the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals are, for example, able to hire more research nurses and physicians.

It is important that Finland continues to have top experts working for the Finnish healthcare system. The physicians involved in patient work should also be able to engage in research.
This is the foundation of quality care.

Through pharmaceutical research and trials, the physicians have the opportunity to learn about novel pharmacotherapies prior to their launch to the market. At the same time, the most novel and effective therapy forms are introduced to patient use, i.e., to those who are most urgently in need of novel treatments. In addition to the patients, the society at large also benefits from the fact that the trial medicines are free.

Research operations enhance the scientific communities. Their expertise strengthens and the knowledge about medicines remains in Finland to benefit our experts and patients. Through pharmaceutical trials, the researchers also have the opportunity to acquire international contacts and operate as a part of the international scientific community.

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