The PIF Board

The composition of the PIF Board:

Chairperson: Matthew Iles, General Manager of AbbVie Oy
First Deputy Chairperson: Jenni Vuola, Managing Director of Sanofi Oy

Second Deputy Chairperson: Niilo Färkkilä, Country Director, Amgen AB branch office in Finland


Johanna Bexar-Hannula, General Manager & Managing Director of Merck Oy
Simone Böhrer, General Manager of Oy Bristol-Myers Squibb (Finland) Ab

Nina Ekholm-Wenberg, General Manager of Janssen-Cilag Oy
Tomer Feffer, Cluster Division Head Nordic of Bayer Oy

Mikko Fernström, General Manager of Biogen Finland Oy
Petri Lehto, Director of Policy and Communication of MSD Finland Oy

Deb Mangone, Managing Director of Pfizer Oy
Anna Manner-Raappana, Healthcare Outcome, Value and Policy Community Lead of Roche Oy
Tanja Veikkola, General Manager of GlaxoSmithKline Oy