The PIF Board

The composition of the PIF Board:

Chairperson: Matthew Iles, General Manager of AbbVie Oy
First Deputy Chairperson: Jenni Vuola, Managing Director of Sanofi Oy

Second Deputy Chairperson: Niilo Färkkilä, Country Director, Amgen AB branch office in Finland


Johanna Bexar-Hannula, General Manager & Managing Director of Merck Oy

Nina Ekholm-Wenberg, General Manager of Janssen-Cilag Oy

Mikko Fernström, General Manager of Biogen Finland Oy
Petri Lehto, Director of Policy and Communication of MSD Finland Oy

Deb Mangone, Managing Director of Pfizer Oy
Anna Manner-Raappana, Legal and External Affairs Director of Roche Oy

Antti Viitanen, Nordic Public Affairs Head of Novartis Finland Oy