Responsible marketing

The pharmaceutical branch is an exceptional industry because it issues guidelines and supervises the marketing of the actors in this field on a voluntary basis, thereby complementing the supervisory work done by the authorities. The objective is to support and direct the correct and safe use of medicines. Finland is a pioneer in this respect. The Finnish voluntary control system has been in place for 60 years. The model is similar to the one followed for the Media which is regulated by the Council for Mass Media in Finland.

Our member companies have signed an agreement to commit themselves to the PIF Code of Ethics which regulates the way in which medicines are to be marketed to healthcare professionals and to any consumer. The Code of Ethics complements the supervisory activities of the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea. 

All member companies are committed to the PIF Code and adhere to it. Non-member companies can commit to the Code on a voluntary basis. The voluntary control of marketing exercised by the pharmaceutical industry is an open system. Anyone can lodge a complaint with Pharma Industry Finland (PIF) if the operation of a PIF member company violates the Code.

The Code of Ethics includes rules covering, for example,
•    pharmaceutical marketing
•    medicals sales representation practices
•    co-operation between the pharmaceutical industry and patient organisations
•    communications and information on health and disease issues targeted at consumers

The independent and impartial Supervisory Commission for the Marketing of Medicinal Products as well as its Inspection Boards guide and monitor the application and compliance with the Code of Ethics.

Further information:
Laura Labart, Senior Advisor, tel.+358 40 7477 620
Jaakko Laurila, Senior Advisor, tel. +358 40 776 3031

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