This is what we do

Pharma Industry Finland promotes the operation and development of its member companies and influences the Finnish health policy.

The members of PIF make the decisions on its operations. The supreme decision-making powers are vested in the Assembly constituted by the member companies.

The members convene twice a year, in PIF’s spring and autumn Assemblies. The Assembly elects the Board of Directors which has the task of directing the PIF operations and outlining and monitoring the implementation of its strategy.  The agenda of the Board is prepared by the Working Committee and the PIF offices.

The 13 top pharmaceutical sector experts working in the PIF offices are in charge of the practical everyday operations.  The representatives of our member companies provide the office experts with support by participating in various PIF Committees and Expert Groups.  

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PIF is an actor with a strong international footprint. The majority of our member companies operate globally, and a significant share of all legislative work regulating this sector takes place in the EU. PIF is an active member of our European umbrella organisation EFPIA.

We are also a member of the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK