Cooperation with healthcare professionals

Pharmaceutical companies are constantly cooperating with healthcare professionals, such and physicians and nurses. The cooperation is a necessary condition for the development and introduction of novel medicines. It also makes it possible to map patient and healthcare system needs. 
Often, the cooperation is also motivated by the wish to inform the healthcare professionals about the most recent pharmacotherapies and medical research projects. 

In the past few years, there has been increasing interest in the cooperation between the pharmaceutical industry and physicians. It is important for the patients to be able to trust that the physician recommends and prescribes a treatment that is appropriate at each given moment, based on clinical evidence and experience.

The pharmaceutical industry believes in openness, and therefore the PIF members have undertaken to publish the financial details related to their cooperation with healthcare professions. This guarantees that the operations are transparent and open. The publication model is the same in all Europe and it is binding to all members of our European umbrella organisation EFPIA, and all members of PIF in Finland.

The Association of Finnish Pharmacies, the Pharmacists’ Association and the Association of Masters of Pharmacy recommend that their members give their consent to the publication of their respective information. The Finnish Medical Association also supports the disclosure.

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