Pharmaceutical manufacturing is strictly monitored and controlled

There are a few Finland-based manufacturers of prescription-only and self-care medicines. Responsible pharmaceutical manufacturing is strictly monitored.

The manufacturing follows the so-called GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practices).
In addition to the industry’s efficient self-monitoring procedures, the authorities control pharmaceutical manufacturing. 

The Finnish asset is our solid expertise in many fields of medicine.  Finnish companies have been successful in developing medicines that are in strong global demand, and therefore a significant share of medicines manufactured in Finland are exported. As a result, medicines have risen to the top 10 list of export statistics in the past few years.

Finland has special expertise, for example, in hormonal contraceptives, in eye medicines and hormonal  preparations.

The largest manufacturing plants and Bayer in Turku, Orion in Espoo and Santen which is based in Tampere.   

With smaller-scale operations, there are also some Finland-based companies manufacturing self-care medicines and a few contract manufacturers.

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