02.06.2023 | Sanna Aunesluoma, Managing Director

The reform of the EU pharmaceutical legislation threatens to weaken patients' access to new medical treatments

Finland must actively influence the legislative reform and ensure sufficient incentives for pharmaceutical research in Europe.


Joint Statement from the Nordic Pharmaceutical Industry on the implementation of EU HTA Regulation

The upcoming meeting in Stockholm From Theory to Practice: Implementing the EU Health Technology Assessment Regulation is an important event in the Nordics leading up to the implementation in 2025.


The pharmaceutical industry safeguards people's everyday life in midst of crises, providing hope for a better tomorrow

In an unstable global situation, it is society's responsibility to ensure that people's everyday safety is maintained also in terms of the pharmaceutical services. Despite the crises, there is already a ray of light showing the way towards a brighter future. Let's bring in the light and give people hope for a better future. 


The pharma industry investments continued to grow in Finland last year

The results of our annual investment survey have been published.


Finland provides a good ecosystem for life science industry

We need to continue proving the ecosystem in order to stay competitiveness. Finland is a country with high-quality health and social care system, strong startup ecosystem and population with very positive attitude towards medical research. There is still hidden value to be captured.

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