Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This year, we will donate our Christmas gifts to the Baltic Sea. Why won´t you do the same?

18.10.2019 | Mia Bengtström, Senior Advisor, Pharma Industry Finland

3rd Nordic Conference on Pediatric Medicines - promoting pediatric research through collaboration and new ideas

During the conference we discussed the EU Pediatric Regulation (EC 1901/2006) and the ways to improve the health of the children in Europe by increasing the research and authorization of medicines for children and improving the information on medicines designed for children.

18.10.2019 | Emma Hannonen, Senior Advisor, Pharma Industry Finland

Smart Health Forum in the European Parliament

PIF organized on Tuesday 15th October the Smart Health Forum in the European Parliament in Brussels. The event was organized together with the Swedish and Danish associations as well as with EK (Confederation of Finnish Industries) and EFPIA.


Finnish EU presidency is an opportunity

The Finnish EU presidency kicked off in the very first days of July with very little pomp and circumstance; instead of grand galas, the Finns were made part of the process by Government organising a popular festival. Finland’s attitude to its presidency period is matter-of-fact and pragmatically goal-directed. This will, by no means, be an easy period, with all the particular aspects involved: there will be the call to order of the new European Parliament, various appointments, Brexit and the new Commission taking office for its five-year term.


How to make Europe the global leader in Smart Health?

Breakfast Discussion Tuesday 15 October at the European Parliament, Brussels

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