Aunesluoma, Managing Director of Pharma Industry Finland, leaves her position

Sanna Aunesluoma, Managing Director of Pharma Industry Finland (PIF), has resigned from her position to move to a new position outside the Association. Her last day at the Association is April 16, 2024.

08.11.2023 | Petra Tirkkonen, Deputy Managing Director

A competitive Europe brings pharmaceutical industry’s investments and new treatments to patients

The Commission has adopted its proposal for the EU pharmaceutical legislation, which regulates the entire operational environment of the pharmaceutical industry. The objectives of the proposal are commendable, but the means threaten to take Europe in the wrong direction. The Pharma Industry Finland (PIF) would like to thank the Finnish Government, which has highlighted the importance of incentives for research.

20.10.2023 | Camilla Skogman-Lindqvist (Novartis), Outi Lapatto-Reiniluoto (HUS), Mari Sirviö (PIF), Mia Sivén (Helsinki University)

Benefits and challenges of electronic package leaflet (ePL) - review of ePL pilots in hospital settings in Europe

The article has originally been published in European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences issue in October 2023.

11.10.2023 | Petra Tirkkonen, Deputy Managing Director

The pharmaceutical industry is a critical part of Europe's strategic autonomy

EU legislation must be taken in a direction that is industry- and innovation-friendly. Finland has an important role.

12.09.2023 | Petra Tirkkonen

The Government Programme must move to rapid implementation

Prime Minister Petteri Orpo's Government Programme contains many important recordings from the perspective of the pharmaceutical sector. As summer begins to turn to autumn, it's time to roll up the sleeves and start implementing them quickly.

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