The PIF Board

The composition of the PIF Board as from 18 November 2019:

Chairperson: Antti Viitanen, Managing Director of Novartis Finland Oy
First Deputy Chairperson: Matthew Iles, General Manager of AbbVie Oy

Second Deputy Chairperson: Jenni Vuola, Managing Director of Sanofi Oy 

Nina Ekholm-Wenberg,  Managing Director of AstraZeneca Oy
Mikko Fernström, General Manager of Biogen Finland Oy
Niilo Färkkilä, Country Manager Amgen AB, Finnish branch
Thorsten Hein, Country Head, Bayer Oy
Päivi Kerkola, Managing Director of Pfizer Oy
Petri Lehto, Director of Policy and Communication of MSD Finland Oy
Jaakko Linna, General Manager of Novo Nordisk Farma Oy
Anna Manner-Raappana, Legal and External Affairs Director of Roche Oy
Marjukka Suomela, Managing Director of Ferring Lääkkeet Oy