The health sector secures the future – we can meet future challenges through cooperation

The exceptional pandemic period affected the year 2021 as well. Securing the supply of medicines has been our common goal, and the work continues in the new safety situation that is shaking the whole of Europe.


The investments of the pharmaceutical industry in Finland grew to EUR 357 million

The investments of the pharmaceutical industry grew by 8 per cent and the sector invested EUR 357 million in Finland in 2021. The most significant increase was seen in the investments in production which almost doubled. The R&D investments fell slightly.

24.02.2022 | Petri Lehto, Director of Policy and Communication at MSD Finland Oy & Antti Viitanen, Nordic Head of Government and Public Affairs at Novartis Nordic

An active innovation policy has the potential to bring health sector growth to Finland

This year, the European Commission will announce its proposal for the revision of European pharmaceutical legislation. As a leader in innovation, Finland must ensure that the Commission’s revisions will continue to ensure Europe’s competitiveness in the future.


Composition of PIF's Board in 2022

Our association elected in the Autumn General Meeting on 29 November 2021 its Board for 2022. The Board will elect the Chairperson and the 1st and 2nd Vice Chairpersons from among the Board Members at its first meeting at the beginning of February.


Sanna Lauslahti has been elected as a Board member of EFPIA.

Managing Director Sanna Lauslahti has been elected as a Board member of EFPIA.

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