New Managing Director of PIF is Anne-Mari Virolainen


New Managing Director of PIF is Anne-Mari Virolainen

Anne-Mari Virolainen, M.Sc. (Econ.), has been appointed as the new Managing Director of PIF. Virolainen served as Minister for Foreign Trade and Development in Juha Sipilä's Government from 2018 to 2019. She was a Member of Parliament from 2007 to 2023.

Virolainen has also worked as an entrepreneur and in various management positions in several companies. She has held many positions of trust in patient organisations.

"Economy, security, health and research. These four are the pillars of a good life for people and society, and the pharmaceutical industry affects each of them. They are also themes that are particularly important to me personally. I am extremely excited and motivated to lead the impressive cooperation between a key Finnish growth sector,"  Virolainen says.

"We are facing enormous challenges, and the pharmaceutical industry wants to be actively involved in solving. In this week's state budget framework negotiations, the Government presented also new medicine cost savings and it is important to continue dialogue regarding this work. We see the industry as a builder of an innovation-based economy. We are ready for national growth. This requires taking care of the operating environment. It is equally important to influence the legislation being prepared in the European Union. In my opinion, health is also at the core of Europe's strategic autonomy, and we want to discuss this in connection with the European elections,"  Virolainen emphasises.

Niilo Färkkilä, Chairman of the Board of PIF, is very satisfied with the selection of the Managing Director.

"We wanted a strong leader with a solid understanding of the operating environment and comprehensive social networks. In Anne-Mari, we get all three of these features in one package. I believe that the voice of the pharmaceutical industry, which builds growth and well-being, will be heard even more effectively in social debate in the future,"  he says.