Frequently asked questions about disclosure of cooperation

Why is the financial data related to cooperation disclosed? 
In the past few years, there has been increasing interest in the cooperation between the pharmaceutical industry and, e.g., physicians. It is important for the patients to be able to trust that the physician recommends and prescribes a treatment that is appropriate at each given moment, based on clinical evidence and experience.

When is the data disclosed and published?
In Finland, the data is normally published annually in June. The information relates to the cooperation of the previous year.

Where is the data disclosed and published?
The PIF member companies publish the data on their own websites. PIF publishes links to the member companies’ sites for this disclosure purpose.

What is the form in which the data is disclosed and published?
The PIF member companies publish the data on their own website, and the format of the report is a table. The table includes information on both healthcare organisations and individual healthcare professionals, such as physicians. The data is disclosed either under the respective name or in the form of aggregate sums.

What kind of information is disclosed?
There are several forms of cooperation between the pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals. The objective is to disclose any links or bonds in a clear and transparent manner. The main objective is to publish the data on an individual basis, in other words, under the name of the person who has received compensations or other benefits.

Whose information is disclosed?
Disclosure relates to healthcare professionals, i.e. physicians, senior pharmacists and pharmaceutical staff at pharmacies, nurses as well as healthcare organisations, such as associations and federations.

What are the forms of cooperation covered?

•    supporting the organisation in their trainings
•    registration fees in training sessions or congresses
•    travelling and accommodation costs
•    exhibition booth rentals, payments for advertising space

Utilisation of expert knowhow
•    fees paid to speakers and trainers
•    design and production of training materials
•    other consultation of experts

Cooperation in R&D